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EU Sales Team - Wim-Henk Stoppkotte

As an experienced international Director of Business Development Wim-Henk has been involved with Locked4Kids as from it’s introduction to the market.
After having talked to numerous pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical companies it is his experience that Locked4Kids is appreciated because it offers a simple though flexible solution to products that one would not like to find in the hands of unattended children. And it is easy to open for senior people. Moreover the concept has a range certification which means that for a packaging adapted to customer’s specification it does not require additional testing.
Even if today’s regulation do not require products to be packed in child resistant packaging, many companies take their responsibility to do so.
If you’d like to find out more about Locked4Kids then please let him know by email or telephone. Wim-Henk will be glad to help you!
His sales territory is outside North-America.

Wim Henk Stoppkotte

Director Business Development
D: +31 475 396 260
M: +31 646 945 403

EU Sales Team - Bas de Gooijer

Bas started in 1994 in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Holding operational roles from planner to site manager,  and commercial roles at senior and strategic level, he knows packaging plays an important role in the supply chain.  Having a packaging that is compelling to end users, yet at the same time easy to process in a packaging operation is of importance from a commercial, operational and consumer centric point-a-view. Locked4Kids offers the best all these characteristics: Easy to use and hard to open for children, a design that makes the packaging process easy, and is a cost effective solution that adds value to its content. It’s unique characteristics makes Locked4Kids the best CR packaging platform on the market.

Bas de Gooijer

Sales Pharmaceutical
D: +31 475 396 263
M: +31 625 517 974

US Sales - Janet Schultze

Janet is a packaging expert in both materials and filling. Beginning in structural design and machine tooling, she has sold paperboard, flexible and rigid plastic packaging to businesses in pharmaceutical, health care, food and other markets. She progressed through product development, marketing, innovation and strategy roles, gaining extensive experience in materials, package conversion, filling processes and everything downstream to the end use.

Janet’s skills and passion lie in finding innovative packaging opportunities where there is great potential for creating consumer demand/acceptance, as well as revenue for the brand, and then sharing those opportunities with brand owners. And it is with great enthusiasm that she joined the Locked4Kids group. The Locked4Kids package presents as a very simple to a much needed solution to a functional challenge in medical, health care and other packaging. It provides protection from young children accessing the package contents, yet allows adults easy access to the contents. Locked4Kids delivers efficiency to the brand owner’s supply chain, in terms of cost, speed to market and administrative work.

If your product or client’s product requires or could otherwise benefit from a child resistant and senior friendly, reclosable format, Janet would like to talk to you. She is based in the Chicago, IL area.

Janet Schultze
Director Business Development

1 Dorchester Ct.
Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047
Tel. +1 847-438-1215
Cell: +1 847-772-6435

U.S. Corporate Office
1000 N West Street
Suite 1200
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Tel. +1 302-295-4821

EU Sales Team - Marijn van Utteren

Marijn’s enthusiasm for the packaging industry goes back more than 25 years and Locked4Kids gave this an additional boost.
With a degree in packaging engineering it was not a surprise that his career would be in the field of packaging.
Being with Ecobliss virtually since the start of Ecobliss, the parent company of Locked4Kids, the expertise in the segment he is working in is consulted constantly, from within as well as from outside the company.
For Marijn, the passion for the packaging industry will probably never fade “on one axis you are constantly working with new customers in different segments, so there is always something new, and the other axis is the development and growth of our company which is also an ongoing evolution.
So in working 20 years at Ecobliss there never was a dull moment. The development of Locked4Kids brought an additional dimension. “The product itself is amazingly simple, and obviously that is one of its strengths. With our experienced business development team we will continue to make the world a safer place for young children!”.

Marijn van Utteren

Commercial Director
D: +31 475 390 558
M: +31 646 109 157