Certified for the USA and Europe.

Locked4Kids is range certified according to US16 CFR 1700.20 and ISO 8317

Locked4Kids was granted a range certification.

In 2013 the development of child resistant cartons containing blister strips in a tray was started. Mid 2014 different sizes of Locked4Kids packaging was tested by Belgian testing institute BVI. With excellent results. A so called range certification was granted. It means that all sizes between the smallest and largest tested carton were automatically certified and there is no need to apply for certification every time a different size is demanded. Provided of course that the desired size stays within the certified range.

Severe testing. How it's done

To become range certified, different sizes of Locked4Kids cartons were tested by the testing facilities of BVI in Belgium, a ISO 17025 certified institute. Tests with children usually takes place at infant schools and playgrounds and involves between 50 and 200 children per test. In isolated groups of 2, children are instructed to try to open the packaging, even by using their teeth if they like. Than they get 5 minutes to open the packaging spontaneously.

After the first 5 minutes a close distance demonstration on how to open the packaging is given by an auditor. Immediately after demonstration children get another 5 minutes to try to open the carton. To pass the test, no more than 15% of openings is allowed during the first 5 minutes and no more than 20% during 10 minutes.

US16 CFR 1700.20 and ISO 8317 standards not only specify
child resistance but also senior friendliness (CRSF)

US16 CFR 1700.20 and ISO 8317 provide a measure of the effectiveness of packagings in restricting access by children. Besides this they cover the accessibility by adults. The basis is extensive testing with children in the age of 42-51 months as well as adults between 50 and 70 years of age. Official testing can only be done by testing facilities which hold an ISO 17025 certification. Locked4Kids has been tested according to these standards.
With amazing results. 

Tests in Europe and the US showed amazing results.

Locked4Kids is not just range certified. Tests showed amazing results. Performance requirements state that no more than 45 out of 300 children are allowed to open the packaging during the first 5 minutes of testing. Tests showed that only 2 out of 300 children were able to open Locked4Kids cartons. That is less than 1%, whereas the allowed maximum level is 15%.

After demonstration of the opening procedure by the auditor, no more than 60 children are allowed to open the cartons during the second 5 minutes of testing. Tests with Locked4Kids showed that only 11 children were able to open the cartons. That is less than 4%, whereas the maximum level allowed is 20%.

Not restricted to children only.

If the child resistancy test is passed, the protocol continues with 100 seniors in the age between 50 and 70 years. This part of the testing is executed in three different locations. Participants get 5 minutes to familiarize themselves with the packaging and opening instructions. They have to be able to open the packaging in the same 5 minutes time window.

Participants who were able to open the package within 5 minutes are given an identical new packaging with the request to open and close it as quick as possible. The regulation states that at least 90% of the participants should be able to open the packaging within one minute.

More amazing results were achieved with adults.

Locked4Kids cartons have also been tested with seniors. Official testing regulations allow for a minimum level of 90%, which means that at least 90 out of 100 seniors should be able to open the child resistant cartons easily. Tests with Locked4Kids showed that all seniors (100%) were able to open the packaging easily. Even without any opening pictogram printed on the carton.

Locked4Kids qualifies as primary packaging.

According to US regulations only immediate or primary packagings qualifies as child resistant packaging. Besides this, these packagings have to pass testing according to protocol US CFR 1700.20. To qualify as primary packaging, all packaging parts should stay connected after each opening by the consumer. Locked4Kids meets these requirements; all packaging components stay firmly connected, each time the packaging is opened and re-closed by the user.

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