Locked4Kids has won multiple international awards.

Locked4Kids: innovative and award winning

The pharma industry did welcome the innovative packaging enthusiastically. Immediately after market introduction Locked4Kids was rewarded with prestigious national and international awards. It was awarded with the international CPHI Pharma Award, with the Silver Award of the Dutch “Gouden Noot”, as well as with the WPO WorldStar President’s Award.

Locked4Kids wins prestigious AmeriStar Award 2017 in the category "Best of Show"

The AmeriStar Awards honor packaging professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the packaging community, recognizing their foresight and innovative spirit. It is a prize awarded by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (ioPP). In 2017, Locked4Kids managed to win one of AmeriStar’s top 3 prizes: the “Best of Show” award. Judges considered more than 80 packages for 12 category awards, four student awards and AmeriStar’s top three awards. A roster of nearly 20 judges from various segments of the packaging industry evaluated this year’s entries in person, examining package innovation, product protection, economics, performance, marketing and environmental impact. An excerpt of the jury verdict: “The Best of Show Award honors a package that surpasses all judging criteria and that judges unanimously rated “outstanding” in every category. This versatile packaging is difficult for young children to open, but easy for adults. Its interlocking components require the user to squeeze both side tabs simultaneously with one hand, and pull the tray out with the other hand. If the tuck flap is left open, the package contents are still not accessible with the tray locked in place. The AmeriStar judges were very impressed with this innovative way to make medicine packaging both child-resistant and senior-friendly.”

Locked4Kids wins golden and silver NJPEC awards.

Recognition For A Job Well Done The NJPEC (New Jersey Packaging Executives Club) celebrates excellence in the packaging industry with the Package of the Year Award. In its first year, Locked4Kids managed to obtain two prizes. The golden award was won in the category “best pharmaceutical packaging”, and the silver award was grantet for our laundry and dishwasher carton in the category “Household and Industrial”.