Locked4Kids offers the perfect combination of child resistance, easy accessibility for adults and cost effective production.

What a journey !

It’s extremely difficult, but at the same time fascinating to create something that is so simple, inexpensive and easy to produce and at the same time easy to use for everyone… except of course for little children. It’s a proven fact that cartons are not only the the best, but also the most economical solution, to package blisters with tablets and capsules, but until now the only option to package blisters in a child resistant way is by using all kinds of specialty packaging, available in the market. For that reason, we’ve started the development of Locked4Kids cartons in 2013. The target was set to make the carton easy to open by everyone, except of course young children… and professionals that deal with child resistant packaging know very well, that finding that thin line between true senior friendliness, and at the same passing the testing protocols with young children is the toughest packaging design job anyone can imagine. We’ve managed to do so with great success!!!

Medicine packaging should be hygienic,
child resistant, easy to open and close for adults
and cost effective to produce.

However today’s packaging solutions do not comply with this combination of demands. Locked4Kids succeeded in developing the perfect solution; child resistant cartons containing blister strips in a tray. Difficult to open for children, easy to open for adults and cost effective to produce.

In Europe approximately 80% of all tablet and capsules are packed in blister strips and retail cartons.
In the US, bottles cover the majority of medicine packaging.
Both solutions face big disadvantages regarding child resistancy.

Today the European way of packing medicines in child resistant cartons is only possible using specialty packaging systems which are very expensive to produce. On the other hand, packing medicines in inexpensive bottles, the standard in the US, does not offer protection against moisture and contamination. And, neither production batch numbers, nor expiry dates can be communicated as desired.

Traditional specialty blister packagings are expensive
to produce. Locked4Kids is not.

Fact is that blisters guarantee the integrity of tablets and capsules much better than a bottle. Blisters protect the individual dose against moisture and contamination. Besides this, production batch numbers and expiry dates can be stamped or printed on each individual blister. And – unlike bottles – blisters show clearly whether medicines have been tampered with. However, the costs of child resistant blister packagings were high. Up to now. Because Locked4Kids offers cost effective production of child resistant cartons to pack blisters.